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I have a script that uses scikit-learn's parallel features (implemented by the joblib library). Typically I run it with higher verbosity, so that I can monitor the progress:

grid = GridSearchCV(estimator, params, cv=5, n_jobs=4, verbose=50)

When using a normal Python console, the messages from the Parallel library get printed to the console as they occur, like so:

[Parallel(n_jobs=4)]: Done 4 jobs | elapsed: 32.8s [Parallel(n_jobs=4)]: Done 2 jobs | elapsed: 33.7s

However, when I'm running the script in an IPython notebook, it looks like these messages are getting buffered while the job runs, and only outputs after it has completed or I terminate the kernel.

Is there any way to get it to display in real time in the notebook?

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Seems like there are a couple of related questions, but none with an answer that works for my case: stackoverflow.com/questions/16430827/… and stackoverflow.com/questions/15289168/… –  hgcrpd Mar 5 at 8:28

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