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I have this function

$.fn.validate.checkValidationName = function(id) {
 $.post("PHP/submitButtonName.php", {checkValidation: id},
     function(data) {
  if(data.returnValue === true) {
         name = true;
  } else {
      name = false;
  **console.log("name = "+name); **//this prints out "true"****  
 }, "json");

and this .click function that calls it. All the variables are declared outside this function so that they should be accessible by other functions

$('.submitBtn').click(function() {
 //clears the array before re-submitting the click function
 nameValues = [];
 usernameValues = [];
 emailValues = [];
 name = false;
 username = false;
 email = false;

 //for each of the input tags
 $("input").each(function() {

        //if the curent input tag has the class .name, .userpass, or .email
     if(($(this).hasClass("name"))) {
     } else if(($(this).hasClass("userpass"))) {
     } else if(($(this).hasClass("email"))) {

 //call the checkValidation function with the array "values"

 console.log("name = "+name); //but this prints out "false"
 console.log("username = "+username);
 console.log("email = "+email);

 if((name === "true") && (username === "true") && (email === "true")) {
     alert("Everything checks out great"); 
 } else {
     alert("You missed one!"); 

When I click the link to trigger the first function, it returns the value as "true" inside the function, but when I console.log("name"+name); in the .click function after the function call, it prints out false.

Why is this? Do I need to return something from the checkValidatoinName function?

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$.post is asynchronous, which means that it won't wait for the result to get back before proceeding. You're probably initializing name to true somewhere, and it's getting true the first time, but all the other times, it's false, because the AJAX from the first one finished and set it to false.

Try using $.ajax instead of $.post, and set async to false in the options. The $.post documentation shows the options that $.post would give to $.ajax.

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So how would i fix this? Can I make it so my .click function will run and then immediately after that another function will run? – Catfish Feb 8 '10 at 3:40
I edited my answer to show how you'd make the AJAX request synchronous instead of asynchronous. – icktoofay Feb 8 '10 at 4:09
Tried using $.ajax with async: false. still doesn't do the trick. – Catfish Feb 8 '10 at 7:13
I ended up just having to do the logic in the callback. – Catfish Feb 10 '10 at 17:26

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