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I'm looking for an Emacs (& Chrome) package that makes it possible to communicate between each application -- especially to remote-control Chrome from Emacs, something similar to Mozrepl for FireFox.

I found one package called skewer-mode (https://github.com/skeeto/skewer-mode0 but it relies, from my point of view, on some unnecessary package like js2-mode.

So, my question is: is there any lightweight emacs/chrome package that enables emacs -> chrome communication?

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You might be interested in my project wooky.el – it can eval defuns in the context of a Chrome tab and reload tabs. However, it relies on js2-mode as well (to find defun at point).

The Kite package is a much more powerful Chrome DevTools front-end. It has a debugger, REPL, DOM inspector and more. It's on MELPA, too. This package doesn't depend on js2-mode.


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Hey thanks so much for the answer. Your wooly.el looks pretty cool - I'll try it when I get back home a bit and if it satisfies my requirements accept the answer :) –  OTZ Mar 5 at 10:04
Oh it's wooky.el. I think you have a typo, which I inherited as well :p –  OTZ Mar 5 at 10:12
Thanks, edited :) –  katspaugh Mar 5 at 10:28
personally i would prefer it if it didn't rely on js2-mode and it does look like the dependency can be safely removed, as i think wooky-eval-region pretty much covers where js2-mode is required -- like wooky-start-of-toplevel-form and wooky-end-of-toplevel-form (btw you need (require 'js2-mode) in these functions). heck i can just modify it for my own needs, but i hope to see more improvements coming in to wooky.el :) –  OTZ Mar 5 at 11:03
@OTZ, yep, I can totally make js2-mode an optional requirement; please commit back if you modify it that way. –  katspaugh Mar 5 at 11:26

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