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i have a lots of PDFs forms and i want to put them on iPad and fill them up, then send it by mail. how can i edit this pdf forms in an app? i am very new with xCode and i could use lots of suggestions ...

How can I edit PDF files in an iOS application? i found this question durring my search and the idea presented here, "A better idea in my opinion is to create a native UI showing the data contained in the PDF file using the standard Cocoa-Touch UIKit, and create the PDF once the user is done with it so that the user can export it back. That way, you don't have to write a complicated PDF handling code." .. sounds very good just that i dont know how to start ... Thanks

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Basically, what it's saying is create a nib/screen/front end to the PDF that would allow the user to record what data they want in there, then after that run a separate piece of code to write that data into the PDF!

Some links to help you out:

Quartz-2D Programming Guide (QuartzCore Framework):

A tutorial (Although aimed at iOS5)

I will say, I can find information on GENERATING PDF files a lot easier/more reliably than editing them... Are the templates you have difficult? It may be worth re-creating them programatically when the data is inputted!

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