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I am trying to render the content in after_action. Previously my controller and action works well, but when I move the render code in after_action, I got this error:

Missing template qqs/index, application/index with {:locale=>[:en], :formats=>[:html], :handlers=>[:erb, :builder, :raw, :ruby, :jbuilder, :coffee]}. Searched in: *****

I have a general index.html.erb in one of the view path. I do not need 'qqs' prefix to be there. (controller is QqsController)

after_action :responsify, only: [:index]

def responsify
    respond_to do |format|
        format.html { 
            render     locals: {objectModel:Qq} , template: "index"

def index

Any idea to twist the render options to get rid of the prefix?


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maybe try to use the whole path.. "layouts/index" or whatever the path to your template file is –  flower-pot Mar 5 at 10:42

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