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I created browser extensions for chrome(.crx) firefox(.xpi) and IE(.exe) using crossrider, Now what I have to do is I need to create one installation setup(.exe) using C# which will install or add all the extensions to the browsers when we install that single setup. I Prefer to write the code in C#, or if is there any possibility or any other way to achieve this functionality please suggest me.

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The option to create a multi-browser installer exists within the IDE on the (Settings >) Windows Installer page. Until recently, this included the option to bundle Chrome as well, however due to recent Chrome policy changes this option has been removed. Instead, for Chrome we recommend using the (Settings >) Export to Chrome Web Store option to conform with the new Chrome policy.

[Disclosure: I am a Crossrider employee]

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Thanks for your reply,I gone through it,but it is for IE and Firefox then how can we use this installer for Safari browser. –  Surya Mar 22 at 11:33
The installer is for Windows and since currently Apple only support Safari on Macs, we do not support Safari in the installer. –  Shlomo Mar 23 at 12:48

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