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I am doing some benchmarking on PhoneGap methods that call on the system hardware. One of the benchmarks I want to do is to measure the time it takes for PhoneGap to write to a file.

This is the code I have written for this purpose (which does not work):

function testWrite(){
    document.getElementById("output").innerHTML="Testing Writing!";

function tw1(){
    window.requestFileSystem(LocalFileSystem.PERSISTENT,0, tw2,fail);
function tw2(filesystem){
    var path = def_dir + "WRITE_TEST.txt"

function tw3(fileEntry){

function tw4(writer){
    var res = "";
    var beg = Date.now();

    for(var i = 0; i < 5;i++)
        writer.write("Write test");

    var end = Date.now();
    var result = "-----Testing writing to a file-----\n" + "Execution time: " + (end - beg) + "ms.\n"

    document.getElementById("output").innerHTML="Testing Done!";

This code executes correctly when the loop only loops once, but as soon as the loop count rises above one the application stops working.

My question is this: Why does this not work, and what is a better way to measure the execution time of writing to a file (or any other method for that matter) in PhoneGap? I am new to both JavaScript and PhoneGap so any tips are welcome.

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