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Can someone tells me why IE 11 ignores at all the following rule of my css file ?

.navigation.menu ul li:nth-child(7):hover ul,
.navigation.menu ul li:nth-child(8):hover ul,
.navigation.menu ul li:last-child:hover ul {



This rule is being read and working as expected by all other browsers, but IE doesn't even see it.

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Assuming you have the right doctype, I don't think your selector is the problem, it's the rule set.

IE doesn't understand the initial keyword. (And neither does Firefox, for that matter — it supports it with a prefix, -moz-initial.)

Since the initial value of left is auto, you can use that instead for the best compatibility with browsers:

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man that was it... Great thanks! –  FFrewin Mar 5 at 9:56

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