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Firstly, apologies if this is a duplicate. I've searched and looked at related questions but haven't found this question.

I'm debugging an AJAX problem in IE8. My throbber seems to spin forever, and on the on completion callback for my AJAX (jQuery's $.getJson()) it is meant to disappear. Of course, it works fine in Firefox / Safari. However in IE8 my throbber spins forever.

Is there a way in IE8 to see the XMLHttpRequests like in Firebug? Can I view their completion, their response etc?

I have had a look in the Developer Tools, but could not find it. Is FirebugLite the only option, and can it even do this?

Thanks a lot.


I've since solved the problem I was having, but I am curious still as to how I can view them in IE8.

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I use fiddler

for debugging requests in IE

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Two quick search results:

  1. httpwatch
  2. debugbar

Not open source though and I have not tried them either. First one's reviews look promising.

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Try http://www.charlesproxy.com/ a paid solution for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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