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I have a my mojolicious routes set up like this:

my $r = $self->routes;
my $users = $r->route('/users')->to(controller => 'controller-users');

$users->get('/select')->to(                 action => 'select' );
$users->get('/list')->to(                   action => 'list' );

Where my user controller is defined in, called Project::Controller::Users. This all works fine and without any problems. However, I also have some controllers like UserGroups. These are defined in the same way, Project::Controller::UserGroups.

However, the line

my $users = $r->route('/users')->to(controller => 'controller-usergroups');

doesn't work for that. It keeps trying to find the controller Project::Controller::Usergroups, which doesn't exist. What's the correct syntax for camelcase for the "to"-method of Mojolicious' router?

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Did you try:

my $users = $r->route('/users')->to(controller => 'controller-userGroups');


Can you try it like this:

my $users = $r->route('/users')->to(namespace=> 'Project::Controller::UserGroups', action => 'users');

Based on this:

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I did, and it still is looking for Project::Controller::Usergroups unfortunately – psgels Mar 5 '14 at 11:02
can you try this: namespace=> 'Project::Controller::UserGroups' – Slaven Tomac Mar 5 '14 at 12:12
Yup, my $user_groups = $route->route('/user_groups')->to(namespace=> 'Project::Controller::UserGroups'); works. Thank you very much :) – psgels Mar 5 '14 at 12:23

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