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can you help me with little problem?

I have 2 class: Form1 async_srv

When i start application, Form1 create async_srv instance. And listening my socket, all recieved data sending to main class and return answer from her. When get -1, i want destoy acceptor/service/thread and my Application. But this not going. Any suggestions?

My async_srv.h

#include "Form1.h"
#include <boost/asio.hpp>
#include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>
#include <boost/thread.hpp>
typedef boost::shared_ptr<boost::asio::ip::tcp::socket> socket_ptr;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<boost::asio::ip::tcp::acceptor> acc_ptr;

class async_srv
    boost::thread* srv_thread;
    boost::asio::streambuf response;
    std::stringstream s;
    int stop;
    TForm* ourForm;
    boost::shared_ptr<boost::asio::io_service> m_ioservice;

    void start();
    void start_accept(acc_ptr acc,socket_ptr sock);
    void handle_accept(acc_ptr acc, socket_ptr sock);

    __fastcall async_srv(TForm* Form1);
    void kill(); 


My async_srv.cpp

fastcall async_srv::async_srv(TForm* Form1): m_ioservice(boost::make_shared<boost::asio::io_service>())
 //create Pointer to main form
ourForm = Form1;
 //create thread to async recieve for realease this class
srv_thread = new boost::thread(boost::bind(&async_srv::start, this));

void async_srv::start()
 //create acceptor, and socket.
acc_ptr acc(new boost::asio::ip::tcp::acceptor(*m_ioservice, ep));
socket_ptr sock(new boost::asio::ip::tcp::socket(*m_ioservice));


void async_srv::start_accept(acc_ptr acc,socket_ptr sock)
  // async accept
  acc->async_accept(*sock, boost::bind(&async_srv::handle_accept, this, acc, sock));

void async_srv::handle_accept(acc_ptr acc, socket_ptr sock)
    //loop for recieve data
    while (boost::asio::read(*sock, response, boost::asio::transfer_at_least(1), error))
    s << &response;

    if (s.str() != "")
       //recieve answer from main
      stop = ourForm->update(s.str());
         if(stop == -1)
                               //kill our class and application


void async_srv::kill()
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Manually calling the destructor of srv_thread sounds like an outstandingly bad idea. Also, could you post an SSCCE, as it is currently not clear how your async_src class is being used. –  ComicSansMS Mar 5 at 11:50
killing thread not main problem, i can use interupption instead destructor. Main problem, service don't stop accepting aftser stop() –  user2393500 Mar 5 at 11:56
async_src used for recieved data from tcp/ip socket. –  user2393500 Mar 5 at 11:58
Are you certain kill() is being invoked? Just glancing at the code, if sock closes without any data or ourForm->update() returns any value other than -1 the first time it is invoked within the chain, then a tight asynchronous chain forms between start_accept() and handle_accept() due to operations failing because of sock's state. The accept operation will immediately fail because sock is open, and the read operation will immediately fail because end of file, leaving the s.str() empty and never querying the form again. –  Tanner Sansbury Mar 7 at 16:55
My mistake was in calling start_accept method on the my handle, just replace "start_accept(acc,sock)" for create new "async->accept", and all work fine. –  user2393500 Mar 13 at 15:14

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If you want to stop accepting new connections - make the acceptor a member and close it when needed:

void async_srv::kill()
  // avoid closing from another thread
  m_acceptor.get_io_service().post(()[this] { m_acceptor->close(); });

If m_ioservice serves the acceptor only, closing it will break async_accept-->handle_accept-->... chain and eventually make m_ioservice::run() exit, as it runs out of work. (Of course, you should not call ~thread.)

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i used boost 1.39, my acceptor doesn't have method get_io_service() –  user2393500 Mar 5 at 13:27
@user2393500 It was called io_service(). –  Igor R. Mar 5 at 13:47
i know, sorry my mistake. IDE don't show this method on hint. –  user2393500 Mar 5 at 13:58
I'm already close acceptor: if(stop == -1) {acc->close(); kill(); Application->Terminate();} –  user2393500 Mar 5 at 14:18
@user2393500 I guess the problem is in some other place in your code. Try and debug it in the debugger - set breakpoints, step into the code etc. –  Igor R. Mar 5 at 15:46

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