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I'm trying to link to an ssi that's in the root folder from a html file that's in a sub directory. Is there a certain way to do this?



We've tried using

<!--#include file="nav.ssi"-->
<!--#include file="../nav.ssi"-->
<!--#include virtual="nav.ssi"-->
<!--#include virtual="../nav.ssi"-->
<!--#include file="./nav.ssi"-->
<!--#include virtual="./nav.ssi"-->
<!--#include file="myurl.com/nav.ssi"-->
<!--#include virtual="myurl.com/nav.ssi"-->

Help is much appreciated!

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From my understanding, Apache requires there be a space after the quote and before -->

Try <!--#include virtual="../nav.ssi" -->

Also which method of SSI directives are you using? If you're using XBitHack then ensure that your file has +x permission. Otherwise check that you have an AddOutputFilter directive for your file extension.

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This didn't work. We ended up using PHP to fix the problem. –  user3353807 Mar 8 at 11:59

If your web host sets the root of your web application to /, use an absolute path such as

<!--#include virtual="/example.ssi"-->

Even if that line included in root/examplefolder/example.html, the lookup on the webserver will find it. The absolute path doesn't start in the current directory, but what the web server is configured to have as its root path.

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