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How does Rhino security gel with the asp.net membership providers? The reason why I am asking is because AFAIK if I need to use attributes [Authorize] then I should be implementing or extending the asp.net membership providers.

In my case as I need more than what asp.net membership provider gives me. Rhino Security is a good fit in this case. But I also need the attribute (and other) features that the framework provides (which in turn eases my pain to build up a good security model for my app).

Edit: Rephrasing the question.

How do I integrate Rhino Security with asp.net membership, so that I can do role/level based authorization?

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Quintin, The two are separated, but related, frameworks. ASP.Net membership deals mostly with authentication, while Rhino Security deals mostly with autorization.

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thanks Oren. I was wondering if people have used Rhino Security in asp.net membership to handle authorization. e.g is this logged in user allowed to handle this action etc. –  Quintin Par Feb 8 '10 at 11:06
especially since the Role providers in asp.net were too limiting –  Quintin Par Feb 8 '10 at 11:45

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