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I have a directive which has both ngChange & ngModel, which works with input tag. its working as expected but i do get error in console:

Error: No controller: ngModel

i have two directives, the outerdirective is like below

return {
    restrict: 'E',
    transclude: true,
    require: ['^form']

and the inner directive summary is:

return {

I am not able to understand the reason for the error: here is the plunker plunker link for the same.

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Add this require: 'ngModel' in your outerdirective –  BKM Mar 5 at 11:43
changed outer directive require to: require: ['^form', 'ngModel'] but that still did not solved the problem –  sohamnakhare Mar 5 at 12:29
show the html please –  Eliran Malka Mar 5 at 12:41
i have provided the plunker link, please have a look –  sohamnakhare Mar 5 at 13:08

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the problem is with your directive definition..


replace this line of code with:

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