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for control=1:7
    name=strcat('tau: ', num2str(TD(control)),'   PLD: ', num2str(PLD(control)));
    fprintf('Control: %i/7\n', control)
    Maps(control) = struct('GradOFF', [], 'GradON', []);
    for lin=1:size(data(subject).perf_w_off,1)
        fprintf('Lin: %i/64\n', lin);
        for col=1:size(data(subject).perf_w_off,2)
            [x1, fval, exitflag, output] = fminunc(...)
            Maps(control).GradOFF(lin,col) = abs(x1(2));
            [x2, fval, exitflag, output] = fminunc(...)
            Maps(control).GradON(lin,col) = abs(x2(2));

    min1 = min(min(Maps(control).GradOFF));
    min2 = min(min(Maps(control).GradON));
    min = min([min1, min2]);
    max1 = max(max(Maps(control).GradOFF));
    max2 = max(max(Maps(control).GradON));
    max = max([max1, max2]);


    image1 = mat2gray(Maps(control).GradOFF,[min, max]);
    title(strcat(name, ' Grad Off'))

    subplot(2,7, control+7)
    image2 = mat2gray(Maps(control).GradON,[min, max]);
    title(strcat(name, ' Grad On'))

Nothing seems to go wrong with this code. The first loop (the one over control) is doing fine. However when going through the loop again (control = 2), then an error message appears when doing min1 = min(min(Maps(control).GradOFF)). It says:

Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals.

but when I'm doing mean(mean(Maps(control).GradOFF)) it is working. Could someone tell me what could go possibly wrong with min that won't with mean?

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Also see this question for a generic approach to deal with this error. – Dennis Jaheruddin Mar 10 '14 at 10:30
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You are defining a variable min in this line:

min = min([min1, min2]);

Once you have done that, min1 = min(min(Maps(control).GradOFF)); is being interpreted as a reference to the variable min, not the function, hence the error on the second time around. Rename that variable so it's not got the same name as the function. The same goes for max = max([max1, max2]); which will give you the same problem if you don't correct it.

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So stupid! Thank you for your help. I went trough these lines a hundred times and never saw that mistake. – user3383348 Mar 5 '14 at 12:50

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