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"Self healing " that what i trying to do.

i have deployed a worker Role[Single instance ,Small Size] with server 2012. mostly the worker role is assigned to work with service bus.

At a recurring period around 14 to 15 Hours .Worker Role goes in unhealthy state and wont Restart again.

The Exception which are reported in intelliTrace are only.



Event logs are not reported any thing on these exceptions.

Can i put RoleEnvironment.RequestRecycle() at Catch to Recycle if exception occurs. Will this do a Work around.

i haven't able to crash my role on Emulator . so i don't know will this work or not.

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Normally you should let unhandled exceptions propagate out of Run() and let the runtime restart your role. –  sharptooth Mar 5 at 12:33
If you're consistently seeing the timeouts appear after a given period of time, I'd look closely at the resource utilization of the solution. Something may not be releasing properly. –  BrentDaCodeMonkey Mar 5 at 15:54

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