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I don't use PHP, but when I type if or else in Rails ERB templates and then hit tab, I'm given the option to insert PHP if/else statements.

How can I disable that?

I'd be fine with completely removing anything PHP-related as I don't use it at all.

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I recently ran into the same small annoyance while working on django templates.

  1. Navigate to: /path/to/sublime_text_3/Packages
  2. Delete or move PHP.sublime-package
  3. Restart Sublime Text


Another (less permanent) option that should work is adding "PHP" to the list of "ignored_packages" in user settings:

        "Vintage", // Ignored in default settings
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Thanks! For me, on OS X, the path was /Applications/Sublime – Shpigford Mar 6 '14 at 11:45

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