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I want to do some tasks as soon as user comes online even he is in background. I am using Reachability class for checking internet. But this class is not notifying me when i am at background. I know people asked this question earlier but didn't got any solutions there. If i use beginBackgroundTaskWithExpirationHandler. It gives me 3 to 4 min only, after that if network change i am not getting any notification. Please suggest me something.I think it is possible because native mail app work in that manner and my app support iOS7 only.

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You cannot get notification form your classes while the app is in the background, you can make use of the new iOS 7 background fetching possibilities. Here is a tutorial

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It is not possible to do exactly what you want. You can not base your assumptions on Apple supplied apps as Apple has access to processes / APIs that you don't. Mail is running as a daemon process on the device and your app will never be doing that.

Read about the iOS 7 background capabilities. It is based around your app getting processing time just before the user wants to run the app - not at arbitrary times of your choice.

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