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What is the best way to get Opsworks to use the command NODE_ENV=production node server.js to start the app?

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Best Solution : Use Environment Values in Chef 11.10 stack. Opsworks Environment Variables Reference


This is not currently supported as an environment option by default. So you will need to add it in.

I will assume you are using latest Chef 11.4 cookbooks .

modify ( LINE 2 of ) :



start program = "/bin/sh -c 'cd <%= @deploy[:deploy_to] %>/current; /usr/bin/env NODE_PATH=<%= @deploy[:deploy_to] %>/current/node_modules:<%= @deploy[:deploy_to] %>/current /usr/local/bin/node <%= @monitored_script %>'"

TO :

start program = "/bin/sh -c 'cd <%= @deploy[:deploy_to] %>/current; /usr/bin/env NODE_PATH=<%= @deploy[:deploy_to] %>/current/node_modules:<%= @deploy[:deploy_to] %>/current NODE_ENV=production /usr/local/bin/node <%= @monitored_script %>'"

I made a set of changes to the official cookbook, and did a pull request to add this into the official one. If you want to - you can have a look at the changes :

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