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This code:

let extractTime line  =
    let result =  Regex.Match(line, "(\d\d):(\d\d):(\d\d)")
    let captureGroups = List.tail [for g in result.Groups -> g.Value]
    match captureGroups with
    | hrs::mins::secs::[] -> ((int hrs)*3600) + ((int mins)*60) +(int secs)
    | _ -> 0

Gives the error: "This value is not a function and cannot be applied" on this part of the code

((int mins)*60)

I bashed my head on it for a while, then added a space here

 + (int secs) 

Taking out the spaces altogether also makes the error go away. e.g.

((int hrs)*3600)+((int mins)*60)+(int secs)

I don't understand why that space makes a difference. Can someone please explain it to me.

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This is the same scenario as minus vs negative. – gradbot Mar 5 '14 at 18:09

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It's because +(int secs) is interpreted as a value (+ being a unary operator), in which case ((int mins)*60) would need to be a function, for it to make sense. When there is no space, the following + can't possibly be interpreted as anything else than the binary operator. You can compare it with the following simple lines:

> 1 + 2;;
val it : int = 3
> 1 +2;;

  1 +2;;

stdin(2,1): error FS0003: This value is not a function and cannot be applied
> 1 2;;

  1 2;;

stdin(3,1): error FS0003: This value is not a function and cannot be applied
> 12;;
val it : int = 12
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