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I'm writing an Excel Addin using COM Interop from .net. I have a command that pops up a dialog, and from the dialog I do some work like collecting data from the used range of several sheets. The problem is that if a cell is in edit mode, some of the calls that I need to make will throw exceptions. I would like a way of determining before-hand that Excel is in edit mode, so that I can warn the user to finish editing the cell first.

Any ideas?

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There is an Application.Ready property that is supposed to give you this information but in practice it doesn't work reliably. See here for a hackaround.

You might also want to look at setting Application.Interactive=false while your .net code is doing its stuff.

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Hobbo, that was just what I needed. Thanks! – Samuel Jack Oct 22 '08 at 11:42
Confirmed on VSTO 2012 with Excel 2010 -- this workaround also worked for me. Bummer I had to use this as a hack, but it works better than exceptions showing up in the addin. If anyone knows if they updated or added something new, please update this thread! I hope something has been updated since this thread was first introduced. – TravisWhidden Jan 5 '13 at 1:31

Try this function:

    Function IsInEditMode(ByRef exapp As Excel.Application) As Boolean
        If exapp.Interactive = False Then
            Return False
                exapp.Interactive = False
                exapp.Interactive = True

                Return False
                Return True
            End Try
        End If
    End Function
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