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I am New to MVC, and i am familiar with WPF Can I use Blend to design richer UI for Asp.net MVC web applications, if so , How can I integrate to my MVC Project??.

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No . At least not yet. Anybody who knows power of WPF and Blend wishes for this capability in Microsoft Visual Studio. Blend would be a really great tool for web applications that need to have lot's of javascripts and css codes for their controls behavior and beauty. You can't compare a Silverlight application with a regular asp.net web application. So as Silverlight stands behind for many years now I think Microsoft should replace it with (asp.net+Blend).

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It seems like the latest blend for visual studio 2013 now comes with html/css support. Unfortunately, it is still geared towards windows apps.


Accordingly, it doesn't seem like it will work with MVC.

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