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i see in confluence 2.10, there is a max and maxresults parameter but i dont see these parameters in 2.9.1 or below. Is there anyway to limit the results in these versions ?

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Results of what? Is it a feed macro? – Anthony Feb 8 '10 at 6:04
results of recently-updated pages – leora Feb 8 '10 at 6:15
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There's no such parameters in 2.9, you could use the {rss} macro and display a confluence feed of recently updated content, but you would have to transmit a username and password inside the url, plus the resulting page will either simply display the list of page title (no space, no author nor date) or the complete diff/content for the page (a bit noisy).

A more practical way of limiting the number of results shownwould be to use the GET parameter maxRecentlyUpdatedPageCount which control the {recently-updated} macro behaviour.

In order to do that, you could use the {redirect} macro (it's in a free plugin) on your page. Supposing your page is located at http://confluence.example.come/display/SPACE/Page, its source will look like (for 50 recently update items) :



Note that it will display a slightly annoying information panel, warning you about the redirect. If you want to get rid of it, get your hands on the {span} macro (free plugin as well), and change the markup of the page to :


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