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I need to get the AST of the implementation of a lambda function. And I get stuck because reify works on the argument and not on it's value.

val x = (a: Int) => println("a")
val t = showRaw(reify(thevalueof x)) //something here should change

should print:

Expr(Function(List(ValDef(Modifiers(PARAM), newTermName("a"), Ident(scala.Int), EmptyTree)), Apply(Select(Select(This(newTypeName("scala")), newTermName("Predef")), newTermName("println")), List(Literal(Constant("a"))))))

I supposed there should be a trick with splice or so, but I just can't manage to do this.

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Currently there is no robust way of getting ASTs of the program outside of a macro application (and reify is a macro, so it abides by the same rules). However, we are experimenting with a next-gen macro engine that might fix this problem: http://scalamacros.org/news/2014/03/02/project-palladium.html.

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