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Edit: Found out that this happens even though Cufon isn't even applied! Edit2: My bad, looks like Cufon is creating the slowless afterall. However, removing the line where I replace the menuwrapper font style with Cufon still results in sluggish behaviour. So it doesn't seem like it's got anything to do with applying cufon to the lists themselves.

Hi, I'm using Cufon to "embed" a custom font to my site. And this font is used on the main menu and I've encountered a bug or something where setting the height, padding or anything of the li:hover makes IE go sluggish. I don't know why this happens but the problem dissapears when I remove the property from the li:hover. It works fine in Firefox though.

So my question is, is there another way of getting around this?

What I'm basically trying to do is to position the li:hover because it has a background to it. And I want to skew it a few pixels towards the bottom.

My CSS looks like this:

  #menuwrapper {
 height: 65px;

.menuwrapper li {
 list-style: none;
 padding-left: 23px;
 padding-right: 23px;

.menuwrapper a{

.menuwrapper li:hover {
 background-image: url(img/MenuHover.png);
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Could not understand what you mean exactly but as you said you want to get it a bit lower at the bottom, then you can do that with margin-top css property.

margin-top:10px; /* down it by 10 pixels */
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Yes, but this results in sluggish behaviour of the li:hover. In fact, setting ANY padding, margin, height or width property seems to cause slowdown. Even if I haven't even applied Cufon to the list itself. As long as Cufon is on the page at all, every li:hover item has sluggish behavour nomatter what. Very weird. – Kenny Bones Feb 8 '10 at 7:38

Just have to lay this one dead I guess. Getting nowhere with it as it is now.

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