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Is there a way to configure qt as static and shared libs simultaneously? Qt only allows to use configure options -static and -shared, but there is no something like -static-and-shared. Thank you for advance!

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I think the only way is to simply build them twice and then build each project against those kits – paulm Mar 5 '14 at 13:49

You need to build Qt twice, once configured -static, once configured -shared. You can do out-of-source builds so that you won't have to duplicate the source files. On Windows (jom is provided with Qt Creator, on Unix use gmake instead of jom):

mkdir qtstatic
cd qtstatic
c:\qt\5.2.1\configure -static ...
cd ..
mkdir qtshared
cd qtshared
c:\qt\5.2.1\configure -shared ...
cd ..
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