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I am building a calendaring application in ruby on rails. I am using my own schema for storing events, but I don't know how to display events in calendar, and also how to add a calendar in my application.

Will I have to write code to display calendar or can I use any plugin to display calendar.

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I think the calendar_helper plugin is what you want. It provides a calendar method to your views, which can be called to generate a month-view calendar in HTML.

You can pass it a block which builds the contents of each day's cell, which is where you would want to do whatever your event schema requires to pull in the day's events.

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The EventCalendar plugin was created for this very reason. Easily show multiple, overlapping events across calendar days and rows.

Screenshot(s) at:

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There's a little list of candidates here.

The plugin on the page itself seems to offer some AJAX goodness, if that's something you're interested in.

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I also had to build a calendar in rails. None of the existing calendar gems appealed to me as they did too much. I wanted to render the calendar myself so I could control the styling. I also had an existing Event model so I didn't need any kind of event handling. I ended up creating the cal gem. It's pretty straightforward when you look at the README. I plan to improve it to have weekly and daily calendars. Good luck!

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