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I use Apartment work in my Rails 4 application.

I followed this step :


require 'apartment/elevators/generic'


config.middleware.use 'Apartment::Elevators::Generic', Proc.new {|request|

  remember_token = request.cookies['remember_token']
  if remember_token.blank?
    User.find_by(remember_token: remember_token).backoffice_company_id

This works fine but it's not efficient because a request is done on the database on each request on the application.

How can I avoid this database access when the remember_token is unchanged from the last request (because it's the same user) ?

I tried to store this in a session variable but it's seems to be global à this level (application.rb) when 2 users use the application.



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Just curious did you ever find a way to make this more efficient? I'm trying to do something like this and I can't even make it work the same way you did it. Thanks. –  Berimbolo yesterday
No, we didn't found a better solution to avoid these requests. We are still looking for any idea... –  Bruno Boudinski 10 hours ago
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