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I am using selenium IDE, writing tests for an JQuery based application. I have on previous endeavours used sendKey and type. In the site there is a input box on top in a ul dropdown.

  • When a user types a number into the dropdown.
  • Clicks outside it.
  • The value typed gets reflected to other labels on the site.

In using selenium though:

  • focus
  • sendKeys
  • click

Does not trigger any event in the JS to update labels...

I have also tried using runscript $('body').click(); to trigger some event but no success.

<div class="lblButton optType">
    <label id="lSystem" data-rule="{'id':'b10','value':10}">10</label>
    <span class="arrow"></span>
    <ul class="widget">
        <li class="option tagV10" data-rule="{'id':'b10','value':10}">10</li>
        <li class="option tagV20" data-rule="{'id':'b20','value':20}">20</li>
        <li class="option tagV30" data-rule="{'id':'b30','value':30}">30</li>
    <input class="lblButtonIn" type="number" style="background-color: transparent;">123</input>

How do i properly simulate changing the input value and clicking outside the input/dropdown? (I can not share the full js but below is the part I think important:)

var parent = field.parent(), label = parent.find('>label');
field.bind( 'blur', function( e ) {
setTimeout( function() {
if ( field.hasClass('invalid') ) {
field.get(0).value = label.text();
else {
var v = field.get(0).value, r = '{\'id\':\'b'+v+'\',\'value\':'+v+'}';
label.html( field.get(0).value ).attr('data-rule',r);
updateGt(), $('body').click();
}, 20); 
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