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I'm running on MacOSX(10.9.2) with Java7 installed. I want to use Gephi with the Neo4J plugin.

If I use Java7, Gephi won't start properly. I saw some discussions around that and the suggested "fix" was to downgrade to Java6. Unwillingly, I did so, but now the Neo4J plugin won't install as it requires Java7.

Any idea how do I get out of this loop?


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maybe this post on my blog could help you: I haven't used the Neo4j Gephi plugin (even if I just noticed it has been updated on April, 3 2014), in favour of an export + import approach. If you have jdk 7 installed, you can still point to jdk 6 by uncommenting jdkhome into gepghi.conf file.

See, http://inserpio.wordpress.com/2014/02/10/how-to-load-neo4art-graph-db-into-gephi/

Cheers, Lorenzo

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