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I'm trying to create an histogram with a normal distribution fitting. I wrote the code but it keeps on saying: index exceeds matrix dimension. Here's the code:

        x_min = min(handles.array);
        x_max = max(handles.array);
        x_full = linspace(x_min,x_max,100);
        x_partial = x_full(x_full < L);
        y_full = normpdf(x_full,mean(handles.array),sigma);
        y_partial = normpdf(x_partial,mean(handles.array),sigma);
        hold on;
        grid on;
        % Histogram data
        [count,bins] = hist(handles.array,30);
        % Scale bins
        num_returns = numel(handles.array);
        scale = (bins(2)-bins(1))*num_returns;
        % Plot full data set
        a = bar(bins,count/scale,'w');
        hold off;
        title(['Best Normal Fit of Returns. Red Indicates Returns Below VaR: ',num2str(L)],'FontWeight','bold');
        handles.matrici.Mdati=[handles.array, handles.Ht, handles.VaR_p];
        guidata(handles.figure1, handles);

Matlab says the error is the "area" function but I don't understand why. Any Ideas?

Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in area (line 98)

Error in Var_final>inv_quantile (line 643)

Error in Var_final>pushbutton_calcola_Callback (line 309)

Error in gui_mainfcn (line 96)

Error in Var_final (line 42)
    gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});

Error in

Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback
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Did you accidentally create a variable called area earlier in the code? –  Dan Mar 5 at 15:44
Thank you for your answer. This is part of a GUI I didn't create it. –  Fodex Mar 5 at 15:56
Then please provide the full error and the exact line at which it occurs –  Dan Mar 5 at 15:56
you can find it now on the main post –  Fodex Mar 5 at 15:58
N = 1 100 M = 1 100 –  Fodex Mar 5 at 16:08

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I get the same error by providing area with empty vectors as inputs, I have a feeling that that is what you are doing somehow:

area([], [])

I suggest you print size(x_partial) and size(y_partial) to the screen to debug this.

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N = 1 100 M = 1 100 –  Fodex Mar 5 at 16:10
no solutions??? –  Fodex Mar 5 at 21:20
Sorry I see the error is actually with the next area line, so probably x_partial = x_full(x_full < L); returns an empty matrix –  Dan Mar 6 at 6:18

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