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I'm using DHTMLX Grid on a Ruby on Rails project.

I have several "validations" that enable/disable cells if some value is selected on a few cells (see my first question on this problem -> Change cell value if checkbox selected - dhtmlxGrid in RoR)

This works fine but I want to run these validations also when the grid loads for the first time, is this possible?

I have something like this:

grid.attachEvent("onEditCell", function(stage,rId,cInd,nValue,oValue){
        if (stage == 2 && cInd == 6)
              // If Resultado = Negativo
              if (nValue == 1){
                 return true;
                            else {
              return true;

But I want to run these same validations on grid loading. How can I do this?

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Please, try to use the following code:

grid.load(url,function(){  //loading data to the grid
        grid.forEachRow(function(id){  //iterating through the rows
            var val=grid.cells(id,6).getValue();  // getting the value of the cell
            if(val==1){  // your custom validation logic
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It works, thanks! I was missing the forEachRow :) thanks again for your help –  Metraton Mar 7 '14 at 0:24

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