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I have Apache serving requests through fcgi perl scripts. If I have script A.pl with function create_x() and B.pl with function create_x(), is there possibility there will be function name collision?

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First of all in Perl you call them subroutines. Answering your question. that depends in a lot of variables, are they classes ? Do you include one within the other?

If you have script A.pl and script B.pl and you don't use include them one within the other then you won't have a problem.

For furhter information about this read use and require.

You can also use :

perldoc -f <use | require> 
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Script A.pl: sub create_x { print 'X'; } Script B.pl: sub create_x { print 'X'; } The q: Will names collide when FCGI runs both scripts in the same process? –  rlib Mar 6 at 15:22
If they are called by a master and both files are included within the same flow then yes, they will collide. –  isJustMe Mar 6 at 16:44

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