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In my app that I am developing, I am pulling some information (current movies and shows) from wiki so that I can autocomplete when a user is typing in a show or movie. This is used by getting the html source of the website and parsing through each line to get an array of movie and show names.

My question is this: Will apple reject my application when it is reviewed because it is technically using content of a 3rd party?

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Do you have permission to use their content, or is the content licensed under a licence that does not require a licence for commercial use? (Not a lawyer, not legal advice) –  Linuxios Mar 5 at 16:23
It says that Wiki content is free to use as no as no media is re-used. So I should be good then? –  Daniel Mar 5 at 16:25
Probably, yes. But carefully check all legal requirements on that Wiki to make sure you're not infringing their terms of use. Most notably, put some credit to them somewhere if they require it. More generally, Apple does not prevent you from writing an app that uses 3rd party content (what about all those apps that use Facebook Connect or Login with Twitter?). But it's another story if you are obviously using protected or copyrighted content (like scraping an HTML page to fetch items that are not exposed through an API). –  Romain Mar 5 at 16:35
Well I am scraping a HTML page. That is how I am getting the information from Wiki –  Daniel Mar 5 at 16:52

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