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I'm currently attempting to create a tabbed interface in a web application, and based on my search, there aren't any 'built in' tab controls in ASP.NET. There are some in the ASP.NET AJAX downloadable toolkit, as well as a wealth of 'pay for use' third party Tab Controls.

My question is: What Tab control have you used for ASP.NET applications, and why do you use it?

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You can use MultiView/Views and your own navigation to get tabs in ASP.NET.

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This is essentially the right answer. You can place the navigation just above the multiview, and based on the click, switch views. Of course, it's server side, but I think you can put it in an UpdatePanel and get it to be AJAX-y. –  John Rudy Oct 21 '08 at 14:46
Yes -- I've used it in an UpdatePanel -- works great. –  Lou Franco Oct 21 '08 at 18:36

I've used the AJAX TabControl in the past and I like it. It's pretty straight forward. It's easy enough to get to the active tab and its content.

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I have used the Rad TabStrip control by Telerik and it is one of the best to work with in my opinion.

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We use multiviews most of the time, or, in some cases, we build our own tab controls out of a combination of link buttons and overlapping panels and swap their visibilities based on what link button has been pressed (this may seem primative, but it works well).

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