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I'm adding Iterable functionality to a fork of enyo's csvparser.dart for use with Angular Dart. By adding a mixin, the CsvParser works with for..in loops, but fails ng-repeat with a "RangeError: value 0".

I'm doing something wrong by extending Iterator and the IterableMixin but I'm stuck.


RangeError: value 0

#0      Iterator&IterableMixin.elementAt (dart:collection/iterable.dart:190)
#1      Scope.$watchCollection.<anonymous closure> (package:angular/core/scope.dart:397:60)
#2      relaxFnArgs2.<anonymous closure> (package:angular/utils.dart:49:47)
#3      Scope._digestHandleDirty (package:angular/core/scope.dart:613:24)
#4      Scope._digestComputeLastDirty (package:angular/core/scope.dart:564:36)
#5      Scope._digestWhileDirtyLoop (package:angular/core/scope.dart:489:52)
#6      Scope.$digest (package:angular/core/scope.dart:475:28)
#7      _autoDigestOnTurnDone (package:angular/core/scope.dart:153:14)
#8      _rootRun (dart:async/zone.dart:710)
#9      _ZoneDelegate.run (dart:async/zone.dart:440)
#10     NgZone._finishTurn (package:angular/core/zone.dart:91:21)
#11     NgZone._onRunBase (package:angular/core/zone.dart:56:43)
#12     _onRun (package:angular/core/zone.dart:61:15)
#13     _ZoneDelegate.run (dart:async/zone.dart:440)
#14     _CustomizedZone.run (dart:async/zone.dart:650)
#15     NgZone.run (package:angular/core/zone.dart:143:27)
#16     ngBootstrap (package:angular/bootstrap.dart:89:18)
#17     main (


class CsvParser extends Iterator with IterableMixin<CsvLineParser> {
  Iterator<CsvLineParser> get iterator => this;


        selector: '[spreadsheet]',
        publishAs: 'ctrl')
    class SpreadsheetCtrl
    //  "first_name","last_name","company_name","address","city","county","state","zip","phone1","phone2","email","web"

      String raw = '''
    "James","Butt","Benton, John B Jr","6649 N Blue Gum St","New Orleans","Orleans","LA",70116,"504-621-8927","504-845-1427","jbutt@gmail.com","http        ://www.bentonjohnbjr.com"
    "Josephine","Darakjy","Chanay, Jeffrey A Esq","4 B Blue Ridge Blvd","Brighton","Livingston","MI",48116,"810-292-9388","810-374-     9840","josephine_darakjy@darakjy.org","http://www.chanayjeffreyaesq.com"
    "Art","Venere","Chemel, James L Cpa","8 W Cerritos Ave #54","Bridgeport","Gloucester","NJ","08014","856-636-8749","856-264-4130","art@venere.       org","http://www.chemeljameslcpa.com"
      CsvParser data;

        data = new CsvParser(raw);

    class MyAppModule extends Module {
      MyAppModule() {

    void main() {
      ngBootstrap(module: new MyAppModule());


    <div spreadsheet>
          <tr ng-repeat="row in ctrl.data">
             <td ng-repeat="col in row">
  <script type="application/dart" src="main.dart"></script>


import 'web/csvparser.dart';

      String raw = '''
    "James","Butt","Benton, John B Jr","6649 N Blue Gum St","New Orleans","Orleans","LA",70116,"504-621-8927","504-845-1427","jbutt@gmail.com","http://www.bentonjohnbjr.com"
    "Josephine","Darakjy","Chanay, Jeffrey A Esq","4 B Blue Ridge Blvd","Brighton","Livingston","MI",48116,"810-292-9388","810-374-9840","josephine_darakjy@darakjy.org","http://www.chanayjeffreyaesq.com"
    "Art","Venere","Chemel, James L Cpa","8 W Cerritos Ave #54","Bridgeport","Gloucester","NJ","08014","856-636-8749","856-264-4130","art@venere.org","http://www.chemeljameslcpa.com"
      CsvParser data = new CsvParser(raw);
      for(var row in data)
        for(var col in row)
          print('${col}, ');
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It seems this doesn't work if the collection and the iterator are the same class (I don't know why).

Create an additional CsvIterator class and return an instance of CsvIterator in the implementation of CsvParser instead of this.

class CsvIterator extends Iterator<CsvLineParser> {
  CsvParser data;

  ... // implementation

class CsvParser extends Object with IterableMixin<CsvLineParser> {
  Iterator<CsvLineParser> get iterator => new CsvIterator(this);
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I refactored the code to put the iteration in a separate Iterator, but same error. Maybe an Angular Dart bug? –  Todd Chambery Mar 6 '14 at 19:00
Interesting. I tried both versions. In the first I got the same error as in your question. The version from my answer worked. –  Günter Zöchbauer Mar 6 '14 at 20:25
Went back and did it again, you're right :). I get an Angular error, but that's a different question. –  Todd Chambery Mar 7 '14 at 21:52

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