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I am doing my college and I am studying BCA 2 year and in 3rd year there is a one subject in our syllabus I.e. Networking.

I want to learn how to intercept data packets sent from my own Android device to the server so that I can see what data I am transferring and what is server responding. I just want want to learn how to do it because in 3rd year there will be project to make softwares. so I want to learn 1st this and after that other.

I have winXP SP3 computer and have rooted galaxy s3 .

so can anyone help me by saying..... 1. From where to start 2. What are the tools that I required to perform this. 3. What will be I have to be good in ( in language ) 4. Is it can be done on pc or mobile. 5. If I am able to intercept the packets sent and received than how can I edit those packets and sent I want to sent.

Just curious about to know..........

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