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I have a button on my WPF form, and when I click and hold on it, I want to be able to drag the mouse up or down to increase/decrease a value.

Here's an explanation I made (not the prettiest)

enter image description here

On step 1: The user clicks and holds down the Left mousebutton.

Step 2: the user continues to hold down the left mousebutton while dragging the mouse upward.

(I want the value to get updated while the user is dragging too)

Step 3: The user releases the left mousebutton, stopping the updates.

Here's where it gets difficult:

How do I get the distance dragged from ex. a timer-elapsed event?

So let's say the first step is called a, and the part when the user releases the mousebutton is called b. I want to get the distance from a to b from ex. a timer (the timer making it update while dragging)

How would I accomplish this?

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Use the MouseDown and MouseUp attached events? You can use the MouseEventAgs.GetPosition (msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms591423(v=vs.110).aspx) to figure where the up and down occurred then calculate the difference (i.e the travel distance). –  Peter Ritchie Mar 5 at 17:17
@PeterRitchie If I use these events, I cannot update the value while I'm dragging. Only the start - end positions –  Tokfrans Mar 5 at 17:19
You can also use the MouseMove attached event. See msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/… –  Peter Ritchie Mar 5 at 17:20
@PeterRitchie Hmm, this can work. Let me try something out. –  Tokfrans Mar 5 at 17:21
@PeterRitchie Ah, that made it work. I used the mousedown to get the point of origin, and then I just updated another point which got updated by the mousemove, and did some simple math. That works –  Tokfrans Mar 5 at 17:35

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You're looking for a Slider:

<Slider Maximum="10" Minimum="1" Orientation="Vertical"/>


enter image description here

No need to reinvent the wheel...

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Yes, spot on. But I only wanted a button to control the value, not a whole slider. –  Tokfrans Mar 5 at 17:43
@Tokfrans the "whole slider" is just a Thumb and a Track, either change the slider to not contain the Track, or change the Track style to something else. in WPF, UI elements are lookless and the choice of the proper controls is based on functionality, not appearance. –  HighCore Mar 5 at 17:45

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