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I have a website that is http://www.example.com.

However, Google is showing it as example.com. It even has different cache's. One for www.example.com and one for example.com.

When I type it into my address bar they come out the same, but Google has them differently. How do I fix this?

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What webserver are you using? –  VahidND Mar 5 at 17:16
@VahidND how do i know? –  Tim Mar 6 at 2:15
Are you using iis, Apache or ...? And if you are using a CMS, which CMS? –  VahidND Mar 6 at 6:03

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You can do that with following ways.

1.) You can add domain forwarding for your domain example.com to www.example.com on your domain provider. So, whenever you request to example.com, it will be redirected to www.example.com. By doing this, you won't see example.com on google search results. You can see this post for example domain forwarding

2.) You can create a webmaster tools account here. After that go to Site Settings section(On top right corener click gear icon and click Site Settings). You can select preferred domain here with www or without www.

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