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I've seen a few of these types of questions on stackoverflow, but they don't quite fit in with my question:

Is this a valid query to see the average difference in days between two dates from two datetime columns?

SELECT AVG(DATEDIFF(DATE(datetime_column1),DATE(datetime_column2)))
FROM table_name
WHERE status = 2

Further, I am wanting to group by another column, e.g.

SELECT AVG(DATEDIFF(DATE(datetime_column1),DATE(datetime_column2))),grouping_column
FROM table_name
WHERE status = 2
GROUP BY grouping_column
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Looks good to me –  Matt Mar 5 at 17:24
There might be some "off-by-one" issues. If the two dates are on the same day, is that "0" or "1" days? –  Gordon Linoff Mar 5 at 17:26
You can drop the DATE() functions, since DATEDIFF() only uses the date portion anyway. –  Marcus Adams Mar 5 at 17:35
Why are you asking if this is valid? Can't you run it? Did return values you didn't like? –  AgRizzo Mar 5 at 17:45

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