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I am novice in OpenSeadragon. Need your useful suggestions and pointers on the below points related to the OpenSeaDragon:

[1] Is it possible to load pyramidal TIFF images using openseadragon in 2 viewports? If yes, how to achieve this?

ZOOM and PANNING and thier synchromization in 2 viewports: [2] Want to have the ability on the page to Synchronize two image view ports such that whenever I perform Zoom operation (Zoom in/out and Panning) on one image viewport, exactly same operation is also applied to the other image viewport.

OVERLAY: [3] Want to have the ability on the Right Image view port to create overlays such that whenever I perform drag operation using mouse, as soon as I release the mouse, a rectangle is created from the start drag point to the end drag point so that, I can highlight an area of interest. [4] When I highlight the area of interest on right image view port by creating an overlay, a transparent overlay should appear on the left image viewport with location textual information about the right image viewport.

Thanks for your help.

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