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I installed the iPhone SDK 3.2 in my mac mini. my problem is, i am using UITableview* i want to get the properties of the tableview i.e, when i am typing tableview. and press escape i have to get the corresponding values instead i am getting "No Completions found" if i am typing the wanted property and build i am not getting any errors.

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Try this for autocompletions [UITableview ...] where ... is where you type. Xcode will only autocompletes on method calls and properties, as well as when you start typing the class type for a declaration. However the class name itself is up to you.

So in your example UITableView* ... it cannot autocomplete because it is up to you to declare the instance name (although a mind reading autocomplete would be nice sometimes!)

Hope that helps.

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This is not the place for that question. The FAQ writes:

If your question is about […] general computer software or hardware troubleshooting, ask on Super User.

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Actually, this is clearly an iphone programming question. – pchap10k Feb 8 '10 at 14:54
how is this an iphone programming question? he's asking how to fix a problem with the xcode environment, not with the sdk or with any specific code. – Arseniy Banayev Feb 8 '10 at 21:01

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