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Is there a way to pass flags / command line switches to the browser being used with DalekJS?

Esentially, I want to use Chrome with some experimental features turned on:

Vanilla CLI startup of custom Chrome looks like:

open -a Google\ Chrome --args --enable-experimental-web-platform-features

How can I feed those args to Dalek's instance of Chrome?

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This hasn't made it into the official docs yet, but I recently merged a pull request that allows you exactly that:

See for more details. You can add the instructions to your Dalekfile.json like so:

    "browsers": [{
        "chrome": {
            "chromeOptions": {
                "args": ["enable-experimental-web-platform-features", "js-flags=--harmony"]
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Sweet, that works! Thank you! I saw chromeOptions in the source, but no example of how to format it. Perhaps a sample Dalekfile.json with all properties & comments will users getting started. – Razvan Caliman Mar 6 '14 at 10:56

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