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I am trying to run a command (find) for example that would allow me to find all the php files in which content there are strings with more than 50 characters.

I have a base that looks like this, but I fail what to write in the grep:

sudo find . -name '.*php' -exec fgrep -q '..' {} \; -print

I assume that a thing that is not a character is a whitespace. Basically I am trying to find PHP files that might have been compromisde with huge chunks of encoded64 strings.

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What is not a character, whitespace? –  AbraCadaver Mar 5 at 18:57
Yes AbraCadaver, let's say I am trying to find words which have a length bigger than 50 characters. –  Hommer Smith Mar 5 at 18:59
So you are trying to find filenames containing words(white-space deliniated) longer than 50 characters –  Tyson of the Northwest Mar 5 at 21:34

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Matches lines with 50 or more consecutive non space characters:

grep '[^ ]\{50,\}' *.php

Also, in Perl or PHP preg_match() I think this will match a base64 encoded string (any string that can be base64 decoded):

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