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LAMP using postfix/dovecot

Getting a ton of these in mail.warn and fail2ban is blocking IP's left and right: postfix/smtpd[10117]: warning: [domain name here]: SASL LOGIN authentication failed: authentication failure

I'm a little nervous that these might be legitimate connection attempts in postfix/smtpd.

If I'm getting an authentication failure is it safe to assume that it's a break-in attempt or could it be a mis-configuration? Legitimate email is being delivered correctly. Can't tell anything useful from mail.log, is there anywhere else I should look to see if it's malicious?

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This is more of a system administration than a programming question so it’s off-topic for StackOverflow. You’d have a much better chance of getting useful answers at Unix and Linux, Server Fault or Super User. In this case, I’d choose Server Fault as there are over 3,000 questions with the Postfix tag (with close to 400 followers). –  Anthony Geoghegan Apr 7 at 10:58

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