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<listbox id="commentsListBox" fixedLayout="true" height="54%" style="width:98%; margin-left:1%; margin-right:1%;" 
            model="@{inspectionMeetingWin$composer.commentBundle}" mold="paging" pageSize="3">

            <listhead sizable="true">
                <listheader label="#" width="5%" sort="auto(sequence)" align="center" />
                <listheader label="Username" width="10%" sort="auto(effectiveUsername)" align="center" />
                <listheader id="locationListheader" label="Location" width="10%" sort="auto(custom1)" align="center" />
                <listheader id="roleListheader" label="Role" width="10%" align="center" />
                <listheader label="Category" width="10%" sort="auto(summary)" align="center" />
                <listheader label=" Description" width="42%" align="center" />
                <listheader label="Edit" width="5%" align="center" />
                <listheader label="Delete" width="8%" align="center" />

In my zk user interface file, this is the code used to make a table. I want everything to be align to center except for the value of description. If i do this:

<listheader label=" Description" width="42%" align="left" />

then both both header and value align to left. How do I make header and value have separate alignment?

I figured it out, you just do this:

<listheader label="Description" width="42%" align="left" style="text-align: center;"/>
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