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i find that it is interesting in the follwoing node.js program, when i try to access JSON object's property, the only way to access it is to access like an array, not like a class (object name followed by period and property name), and I don't know why.

here is the code:

    var users={
    'tobi': 'foo',
    'cobi': 'foo2',
    'nobi': 'foo3'

  var connect = require('connect');
  var app = connect()
  .use(connect.basicAuth(function(user, pass){
    console.log(users.tobi);  //foo
    console.log(users['tobi']); //foo
    console.log(user+'----'+pass); //tobi----foo
    console.log(users);   //{ tobi: 'foo', cobi: 'foo2', nobi: 'foo3' }
    console.log(users.user); //undefined, why?
    console.log(users[user]);  //foo         
    return users.user== pass;  //false of cause, but  return users[user]==pass  is true
    res.end('you are logged in \n');
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In JavaScript, the following two are equivalent:

  • x.y
  • x['y']

That means when you check users.user you're checking users['user'] and not users[user]. Since your object doesn't have the key named 'user', it returns undefined.

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you are right. so if a variable 'user' represents object 'users's property, there is no way to access 'users''s property like a class. it can only be access like an array. – Jinsong Li Mar 5 '14 at 22:00

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