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I am creating a mod manager application for a game, and so far most of it has been fairly straightforward, but now i have come to the issue of detecting mod files already installed on the user's computer.

Basically i have a class 'mod' that stores all the information on each mod and objects of this class are created using information taken from my database.

However, i am not sure how i can handle mod files that are already installed on the user's PC, i was thinking of making a locally stored file that the application reads from and then changes the 'installed' property of the related mod object from null to the directory that the installed mod is located in, after the database data has been accessed.

If a mod is downloaded from the DB then the locally stored file has an entry added to reflect this, and the mod no longer shows up in the listing of files on the DB, instead being displayed as installed. But this only solves the issue of mods installed after the application has been installed.

Because the DB only stores URLs for the mod downloads (mods are downloaded from the game's official mod website) and does not store the contents of the .zip files the mods are packaged in, the detection of mods installed before the application is somewhat tricky.

Is there any way around this issue or will i have to omit the feature of automatic mod detection from the application?

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