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I have a Grails app called abc, which when I access locally I get at through


I have deployed my app up on Amazon EC2 with an elastic IP address which I can get at directly as

I have a domain name of xyz.com and I have pointed that at my elastic IP, so now I can go to


The problem is that xyz.com points at the root folder for the tomcat server. What I want it to do is map the .com domains to so that my home page shows instead of the tomcat welcome screen.

What's the best way to do this? Should I reconfigure the domain name mapping somehow or should I change the tomcat settings somehow or something else?


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If you rename the war file to ROOT.war (case sensitive) then when you deploy it to Tomcat it will be the root context at and http://www.xyz.com will work.

If you also want to run your local app with the root context add this line to application.properties


and then 'grails run-app' will run at http://localhost:8080/

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Thanks. Does adding the property not work for all deployments? I am inferring from what you have written that it only works for localhost. I am deploying through CloudFoundry and I'm not sure that I can change the name of the war file it deploys, I'll investigate. –  Simon Feb 8 '10 at 13:20
The property is only for run-app. –  Burt Beckwith Feb 9 '10 at 1:03
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You can create Virtual Hosts in Tomcat. The do a pretty good job of explaining it on the linked page so I won't try to paraphrase here.

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