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I'm having a bit of trouble getting multiple vimeo video embeds to play nicely on a site i'm building. You can see the site here;


On this (homepage) when you click on the play button the vimeo embed fades in and starts playing easily enough, this I achieved by using

  var iframe = $('.showreel-vid')[0],
  player = $f(iframe);
  $(".indexHome .vimeo").on('click', function(e){

My problem is on this page;


As you can see I have multiple vimeo embeds, all controlled by a CMS. Obviously when I do the same as the above it kind of freaks out as its all looking at the first vimeo embed. Ideally, what I would like to happen is;

  • click on play button of first video
  • video div fades in and starts playing automatically
  • when you click on another play button it pauses whichever is playing
  • video div of new video (in whichever article you clicked play) fades in
  • this video starts playing

I've read a bunch of stuff about controlling the vimeo embed using player_id but without re-writing a bunch of my CMS (and also relying on the site admin to put in a player id) i don't have control of the player_id string in the embed so ideally need a front-end solution.

Does anyone have any pointers as to how I can solve this, just hints/tips/advice is awesome,and if you need any further info or code examples, let me know.

Thanks a lot!

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This can be done entirely with JavaScript/jQuery. I don't use froogaloop, but it's probably a good idea given it's what Vimeo recommends. Here are some functions without froogaloop which work.

function pauseAllVideos(){
            $(this)[0].contentWindow.postMessage(JSON.stringify({ method: 'pause' }), $(this).attr('src').split('?')[0]);

//uses CSS selector id
function playVimeoVideo(id){
    $(id)[0].contentWindow.postMessage(JSON.stringify({ method: 'play' }), $(id).attr('src').split('?')[0]);

//example of calling both functions after some button is clicked
$("#somebutton").on('click', function(){
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